Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Accessibility Consultation

Are you concerned that your property may not be in compliance with the current accessibility requirements?  Invest three to four hours with a professional architect that is familiar with Americans with Disabilities Act, HUD, Fair Housing and state/local accessibility requirements.  We use current standards to evaluate your existing property, project or design documents and provide recommendations to bring your property in compliance with applicable code.  For older properties fixes can include "readily achievable" barrier removal, while newer properties are required to fully comply.  Equip yourself with the knowledge to reduce your liability.

We can provide framework for new property acquisition as well as existing properties.  An accessibility report can also be provided with our real estate feasibility consultations.  For a typical accessibility consultation, we spend two to three hours at your property and perform a comprehensive evaluation of your existing condition.  A brief letter report is prepared back at our office and we are available for an additional phone meeting to discuss the presented information.  Evaluation may include fixed services such as toilet rooms, drinking fountains, flooring surface and thresholds, entrance and egress, and fixed transaction counters.

Report includes a summary of the existing conditions. We identify what is in compliance and what needs to be addressed along with design recommendations. A table evaluating plumbing fixture compliance, accessibility drawings, and photographs of existing conditions is included.  Samples are available.

More extensive investigation and reports are quoted on an individual basis. 

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

RTC Mobility Training Center - Grand Opening

Entrance to the MTC

It's been worth the wait!  After over three years of planning, designing and building, the RTC's Mobility Training Center (MTC) held its grand opening last week.  Our office contributed to 9,800 square feet of murals for the project.  We're excited to see how this asset to the community helps southern Nevadans gain greater independence with mobility and life skills.   Per the RTC's website, "Mobility training is meant to aid people in developing the confidence necessary to travel independently" on fixed route transit systems rather than relying on paratransit options.
Jean Peyton opens Angela's House
Angela's House is a bonus in the MTC.  Developed by Blindconnect, the "house" is accessed through a facade designed to look like an apartment building, and contains the rooms typically found in a residence such as living, kitchen, laundry, bedrooms, and bathroom.  According to Blindconnect's website, "The vision of Angela’s House is to create and establish a Nevada person-centered training facility for the blind and visually impaired to prepare individuals and families to live independently with access to services, education, and recreation."

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thank You - Thanksgiving 2015

Wishes to all our clients and colleagues for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Gratitude for all that you are and do.

And for the day after Thanksgiving...
Kudos to REI for their #OptOutside campaign for Black Friday.

"Outdoor experiences build better people who are healthier, who make better decisions, and who can take other people, other creatures, and other perspectives into account.

Spending time outside is pretty much the opposite of standing in line at a store to get a discount on something you probably don’t really need. That’s why I’m such a fan of taking Black Friday, or any day really, as a chance to step away from our materialistic urges and connect with the outdoors and the people and places we care about. Thank you, REI, for giving us a gentle push in that direction."
- excerpt from "The Solace of Vertical Places" by Brady Robinson (read more here...)

Enjoy another take on Thanksgiving with the architecture of food in photographer Matthew Carden's art.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Real Estate Assessment

Have you found a commercial space or home that you like, but want to convert it into a space that you love?  Whether a property is already purchased or being considered, we can assist you in your planning.  Invest two to three hours with a professional architect and let us show you the design possibilities so it can become the home or office space of your dreams.

We are available to work with realtors, property owners, and potential property owners to prepare feasibility consultations.  For commercial properties, accessibility evaluations are also performed by our office together with appropriate consulting professionals.

We spend up to two hours at the property*, prepare a brief report back at our office, and are available for an additional phone meeting to discuss the presented design options.  Options may include renovations, additions or energy usage improvements.  During our visit at your property, we will do a brief walk-through, ask key questions and discuss your needs to aid with your planning.

Report includes notes, plan diagrams, preliminary construction cost estimates, and our directory of related local service providers and professionals.  Samples are available upon request.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Murals Unfurled at RTC Mobility Training Center

Over a year and a half of efforts by our design team are coming to fruition with over 9,000 square feet of installed graphic murals!
Red Rock Mural
© 2015 Anne Johnson AIA
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) is currently expanding their Sunset Maintenance Facility, including a 14,700 square foot Mobility Training Center designed by Gensler Nevada and constructed by Sletten Construction of Nevada.  The new training center will teach RTC's paratransit clients to move more independently throughout the city.  The Center is designed to simulate a person's interaction with the outside environment.  Obstacles and views that a person navigating the city will frequently encounter are included such as bus stops, ramps, commercial buildings, residential complexes, and the beautiful surrounding mountain ranges.

Our studio designed 25-feet high interior murals to create a city street effect and also simulate the views a transit rider would see across the Las Vegas valley to the west, north and east.  For example, the west-facing mural depicts Red Rock, while the largest mural depicts the north Sheep Range with fighter jets to pay homage to Nellis Air Force Base.  To the east, the mural highlights building of the south Strip.  We selected locations and provided art direction for the commercial and residential scenes shot by Square Shooting photographers.  Our office selected and designed features including light fixtures, awnings, and building numbers to add to the realistic effect of the photo murals.  Murals were printed and installed by Pictographics.

Commercial & Residential - Mural
Sheep Range & Las Vegas Strip - "Welcome to Vegas" Collage Mural 
Las Vegas Strip - "Welcome to Vegas" Collage Mural
Commercial - Mural

Friday, September 18, 2015

Multifamily Renovation

We're looking forward to the transformation of this multifamily project at Vera Johnson Manor A!  Over 71,700 square feet will be overhauled with a fresh, sophisticated palette for interiors.  The exteriors will be refreshed with a three-part color scheme for variety; and the addition of new patio enclosures, durable paint coatings, and replacement roofing.
Front Perspective at Patios

Interior Materials & Color Palette

Exterior Materials & Color Palette

Friday, August 14, 2015

On the Boards

Las Vegas Strip - "Welcome to Vegas" Collage Mural
© 2015 Anne Johnson AIA

This spring and summer have been busy in the studio!  After months of preparation, the murals at RTC's Mobility Training Center are going up.  These 25-feet high interior murals are original illustrations from our studio, and are being used to orient the RTC's paratransit clients to the cardinal directions of the valley: north, east and west.  Each landmark was simplified and crafted to be easily recognizable from a distance.  For example, the east-facing mural contains a rendering of Frenchman Mountain and south Strip high-profile properties.  We will post construction progress photos as available.  The printing and installation is being completed beautifully by Pictographics.

At the same time, we've been making headway with a 76-unit multifamily housing renovation.  We're very excited to help transform these 30-year-old apartments into attractive, contemporary dwellings.  Check back soon for the "after" photos.
Vera Johnson "Before"