Saturday, May 26, 2018

They Made Your Luck: Thank You to Our Heroes

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, we extend our gratitude to all the heroes who gave their lives to win our freedom.

The "Find Your Luck" window has been repurposed as a memorial thank you.  As we see it these heroes made the luck, the good, that we enjoy today.  The lucky 4-leaf clover has made a new appearance.  Can you find it?

They Made Your Luck

Heroes: 7 O'Clock Shadows

Friday, March 16, 2018

Trash to Treasure the Sparkflight Way

A new storefront display is now appearing on south Water Street. This temporary art installation is themed for St Patrick’s Day and Spring, and is constructed from salvaged materials. Discarded materials such as cardboard and newspaper were transformed by the Sparkflight team into organic letterforms and cheerful shamrocks.  A living grass lawn enlivens the front planter area.

The “Find Your Luck” text refers to popular notions of the leprechaun-guarded pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or the elusive 4-leaf clover, and also to the idea of making our own luck. Our studio’s intention is that this window will launch an initiative, in collaboration with the Henderson Redevelopment Agency, to re-energize empty storefronts on Water Street with revolving artist-generated displays.  If our luck holds, it will be a short-lived program due to new leases.

Can you spot the hidden 4-leaf clover in the window?

We've already spotted people enjoying this window for photo opps.  Come down to the Water Street District, grab a bite, and update your Instagram.


Monday, February 26, 2018

I CAN BE with the Henderson Chamber of Commerce

This February our office participated in the I CAN BE program with the Henderson Chamber of Commerce.  Our office volunteered at Foothills High School for a day to help high school freshman learn about career choices and options.  This program was created in 2008 and reaches about 2,100 students each year.  We were in the "Architecture and Construction" industry booth, and answered questions from students, shared our experience and challenged them with questions of our own.  It was a rewarding experience and we look forward to future participation.