Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Enjoy our beautiful world today.
Take one day this week to contact your congressperson about an earth issue dear to you.

Here's one tip from Architecture 2030:
Call Congress Today to Call for a Moratorium on Coal

1) Click here for the names of your congresspersons
2) Call them at 202.224.3121
3) Ask for an immediate Moratorium on Coal

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Marble Manor - City of Las Vegas

The Marble Manor Enhancement Project is a public housing partnership between Metro, the City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs, Housing Authority of the City of Las Vegas, and the Las Vegas Arts Commission.

Green design elements include solar-powered exterior lighting, daylighting at the new playground entrance, xeriscaping, 100% recycled plastic benches and salvaged concrete paving. Currently the project consists of two mural projects, architectural enhancements to improve appearance and use of the Community Center/Playground, and the addition of a Reading Garden to support the "Success by Six" program.

Anne Johnson, AIA
is pleased to be working with the City of Las Vegas as Project Architect. More to come...Marble Manor rendering

What is a Green Architect?

A green, or ecological architect, works to more effectively adapt to and integrate with nature's processes. (1) This firm is committed to designing architecture and graphics that inspire you, add to your bottom line, and reduce impact on the environment.

Design for results:
  • Energy efficiency
  • Recycled & renewable materials
  • Healthy indoor environment
  • Connection to nature
  • Benefit from rebates & lower operating costs
  • Eco-optimized inks, stocks, and processes
As firm principal, and a LEED Accredited Professional, I'm qualified to lead you through the process of achieving measurable success in building sustainably.

Discover how design can support living lightly by 'greening' your home or business.

(1) see Ecological Design by Sim Van Der Ryn, 1996

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