Monday, October 10, 2011

Greening Our Office: Part 2

Anne Johnson, AIA challenged ourselves to green our office more in 2011.  We are using Harvard’s green office program to evaluate how we are doing in nine impact areas.  The process involves four leaves, or levels, of discovery and commitment to green office practices.  The following is our Leaf One:

[1. Energy] We shut off computers and the lights when not in use, saving energy and cost. (Tips & Tricks HQ)

[2. Recycling] Easy to access bins encourage staff to reduce, reuse, and recycle paper and plastic goods. We are creative with repurposing and reusing office furniture, including our shared office and conference space.

[3. Waste Reduction] E-mails and phones are our primary contact tools.  To further reduce waste production, we limit the use of hard-copy files. We print or copy on both sides of a page whenever possible, and keep a pile of reusable scrap paper near our printer.

[4. Publication] For marketing publications, we use an e-newsletter and limit mailing campaigns to once a year.

[5. Events & Meetings] We provide reusable cups and mugs at meetings.

[6. Transportation] Our 2011 office relocation combines all our needs with a short commute saving time and energy while reducing our carbon footprint.

[7. Kitchens & Breakrooms] During lunch and breaks, we provide reusable dishes, cups and utensils.  We also have a bin for spare napkins from take-out.

[8. Purchasing] Our office uses paper containing at least 30% recycled content.  When sending out print jobs, we specify recycled paper and black and white printing as much as possible.  For new purchases, we’ve adopted a policy of getting Energy Star or EPEAT certified models.

[9. Participation] We actively challenge ourselves and vendors to practice sustainable approaches.

Simple steps like these help save money and the environment. We encourage everyone to make a commitment to greening your office.  Each choice makes a difference.

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