Friday, May 11, 2012

Accessibility Creates Livability for Five Houses

Along with meeting requirements to comply with UFAS/ADA and local codes, our design work is mindful of a special livable quality of life essential to the success of the remodel of five Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority (SNRHA) properties.

Accessibility for occupant-mobility begins with street side landscaping that is navigable and inviting. Our design work for these five scattered sites in Henderson and Las Vegas includes re-grading and concrete work, full exterior repairs and painting, full interior finishes, replacement of kitchen and bath fixtures and cabinetry, as well as provision of hard-wired smoke detectors and audio/visual doorbell alert systems for the hearing impaired. 

The design chosen for the interior includes soft and neutral colors creating a cozy atmosphere. Neutral beiges are selected for the flooring and wall treatment, while warm chestnut stains and deep brown laminates finish the cabinetry and countertops. The transfer showers are covered in wall to wall tile, and each house is complete with a fully accessible bathroom with horizontal and vertical grab bars and shower seats. These modifications will enhance the daily lives of future occupants and add value to each property and the neighborhoods surrounding them.

We are pleased to be working with Ted Otokiti and Amparo Gamazo at SNRHA, KJE ConsultingEngineers, TJK Consulting Engineers, Petty Engineering, and Mendenhall Smith Structural Engineers for the remodel and revitalization of these five properties.

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Color board for interior design at the homes.

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  1. Update: Contract awarded to MC Mojave Construction.