Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Real Estate Assessment

Have you found a commercial space or home that you like, but want to convert it into a space that you love?  Whether a property is already purchased or being considered, we can assist you in your planning.  Invest two to three hours with a professional architect and let us show you the design possibilities so it can become the home or office space of your dreams.

We are available to work with realtors, property owners, and potential property owners to prepare feasibility consultations.  For commercial properties, accessibility evaluations are also performed by our office together with appropriate consulting professionals.

We spend up to two hours at the property*, prepare a brief report back at our office, and are available for an additional phone meeting to discuss the presented design options.  Options may include renovations, additions or energy usage improvements.  During our visit at your property, we will do a brief walk-through, ask key questions and discuss your needs to aid with your planning.

Report includes notes, plan diagrams, preliminary construction cost estimates, and our directory of related local service providers and professionals.  Samples are available upon request.

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