Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Sparkflight Studios believes in the power of public art.

Marble Manor Enhancement Project (2009), Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority. Image by Sparkflight Studios, © All Rights Reserved.

Sparkflight Studios believes in the power of public art. From our experiences, we know art to be a vehicle for uplifting the human spirit. Over the years, we have refined our approach, which tends to be four-fold, ranging from the "small" to the "extra-large":

  • Small: attention to detail, materiality, and scale.
  • Medium: the concinnity of the "small" elements. 
  • Large: sensitivity to the social, environmental, historical, and cultural milieu.
  • Extra-Large: holding the past, living the present, and projecting art for future generations.
In the past, we've posted organizations such as Artolution and Forecast, to whom we look towards for trustworthy guidance when it comes to making powerful art and positive change in communities. For us too, community participation is important. For instance, in our Canal Convergence sculpture proposal in Scottsdale, community members would write messages to be tied on the steel sculptural framework as "good wishes" to be exchanged. In our Marble Manor Enhancement Project, we facilitated community participation to enliven the building with brightly-colored murals.

We are now excited to announce that we are working on two new public art proposals:
  • Milestone Park in North Las Vegas
  • City of Henderson Water Street sculptures
Check back on the blog for more information coming soon!

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